[ Frank Rothkamm Synaesthesia ]

Wikipedia defines Synaethesia “as a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.” Synaethesia is not recognized at the American Grammy’s. Most of my life’s works is not categorizable and has not been considered by the Grammy’s either. Synaethesia is a retrospective of work from 1989 to 2012. No American institution of enterprise has deemed it worthy of exhibiting or publishing, nor did I receive any awards or grants for it. I paid for all the research and development costs and I continue to pay in order that this work remains open source: Free and accessible, anytime, to any human or machine with an internet connection. Before I officially dropped out of college in 1989, which is the year of the oldest work in Synaethesia, I studied Bionics. The youngest work here is from 2012, the year my mental illness was finally diagnosed and I started taking SSRI drugs every day. I have been unable to do any work in Synaethesia since. There is a lot of talk about resisting the dominant culture today, so here are utopian models to draw upon, models that have and continue to provide immunization from the disease we call Culture in America today.

Catalog No: FLX97.403
Title: Synaesthesia
Sound Artist: Frank Rothkamm
Visual Artist: Holger Rothkamm
Label: Flux Records
Length: 1:49:32 (6572s)
Composed: 1989-2012
Location: Los Angeles
New York
Vancouver B.C.
San Francisco
Instruments: Net2Phone (microphone/app)
Csound (computer language)
Yamaha TX81Z (synthesizer)
Netlux (laptop)
Moog Voyager Blue (synthesizer)
Waldorf PPG 2.V (softsynth)
Kawai K5 (synthesizer)
Telefunken (radio)
IBM (laptop) (microphone)
Yamaha FB01 (synthesizer)
VAZ (softsynth)
ATR25 (microphone)
Yamaha FB01
Yamaha K8 (arpeggiator)
Ibanez (guitar)
HP200CD (wide range oscillator)
WAV sample
Studio Projects C1 (microphone)
FORTH (computer language)
Yamaha TX16W (sampler)
AT&T Voices (on-line app)
IBM (laptop)
Support Plus (MP3 player/recorder)
OPL3 (sound card)
Casio VZ10M (synthesizer)
Release Date: 2/12/2017
Format: Digital